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Since the chairperson Sameera Aziz is herself holds the huge experience in Media, we use the professional and effective method of Media Management for placing the client’s ad message using the media, i.e. TV, radio, magazines, newspapers, banners, and so on. We know very well that the best media plans come from employing a disciplined and professional approach to the whole media placement process. This process includes comprehensive media planning, negotiating low rates and added-value, carefully auditing both the plans’ execution and results. Then we reevaluate the media strategy to address opportunities for improvement.

Having far more comprehensive approach to placing client advertising, our practice of Media Management involves four distinct steps with lower media costs and improves media results.

[headline type=”type1″ color=”#9832c7″ size=”h2″]Media Planning[/headline]

We do Media Planning as the critical first step to design effective media buys. We involve a vast collection of media research to facilitate the creation of a specific and assess able Media Strategy that defines the “who”, “how”, “when” and “where” of the media buy.

[headline type=”type1″ color=”#9832c7″ size=”h2″]Media Purchasing[/headline]

Our Media Buying involves the negotiating, purchase and placement of the media plan. We make the Media Strategy and then we negotiate with various media outlets for the best rates and placements of the media plan. Simultaneously, we identify opportunities for “added-value”, like no-cost sponsorship, and radio remotes, which increase our clients’ media exposure, enhance his marketing message and create additional value from his media buys.

[headline type=”type1″ color=”#9832c7″ size=”h2″]Media Analysis[/headline]

We analyze the purpose of our advertising to drive client’s business. Understanding how well each element in our marketing and media plans achieves this objective is critical to maximizing advertising Return Of Investment that measures the gain or loss generated on an investment relative to the amount of money invested.

[headline type=”type1″ color=”#9832c7″ size=”h2″]Display Advertising[/headline]

Online display advertising gives you the opportunity to be where your clients are. At Media Placement Services we tailor your strategy to reach your customers on the websites they visit and devices they use.

Display advertising reaches your customers by geographic targeting, interest targeting, gender, age, specific site placement, and remarketing. Display advertising comes in several forms including banner ads and rich media. And, unlike text-based ads, the visual appeal of images, audio, and video are used to grab your customer’s attention. Whether your goal is awareness or direct response, Media Placement Services develops and executes the strategy to drive results.

With online marketing, our clients are able to see their advertising efforts as results. Campaigns are optimized and placements are monitored to ensure results that meet, and exceed, our client’s expectations.

[headline type=”type1″ color=”#9832c7″ size=”h2″]Social Media[/headline]

Social media is much more than gaining Facebook fans or Twitter followers. It is an important part of marketing strategies for businesses big and small.

According to Experian, 91% of online adults use social media regularly and by 2015 50% of web sales will occur via social media. As an ever growing atmosphere that has a large impact on sales, strategy and execution can be difficult to handle on your own. Media Placement Services is able to take your social presence to the next level by developing a strategy and customized content tailored to your business goals, while coinciding with and enhancing your SEO strategies.

But, social media strategies don’t stop with content and interaction. Media Placement Services is also well versed in social advertising including, but not limited to:

  • Facebook advertising
  • Twitter advertising
  • LinkedIn advertising

Social media and social media advertising opportunities are ever changing and evolving. Media Placement Services ensures the most up-to-date and fitting opportunities for you and your company.

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