Having an awe-inspiring career in Journalism, Activism & Social causes, who can else be the best for designing and implementing social campaigns than Sameera Aziz? We introduce and design campaigns for the social causes for Institutional Advertising for our clients. We design public service announcements and community outreach programs to foster goodwill between our client’s company and its present or potential customers. We use indirect institutional advertising campaigns to alert the public of their benevolent contributions. Some examples of our client’s company promotion include blood drives, canned food drives, AIDS awareness events, cancer screenings and holiday gift giving or food delivery drives for homeless individuals. For our social campaigns, we join the public figures and celebrities to support the cause. We are able to bring forward brands from varied sectors to leverage the social and digital media in cool ways, and to mobilize people for a cause they believed needs to be changed with the help of people. We professionally design the most creative and innovative campaigns on social media and real locations that drove change to create a meaningful impact.

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