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Sameera Aziz Ad Agency can effectively manage the public service announcements and community outreach programs of institutional advertising. We design these types of campaigns for advertising promotions to foster goodwill between a company and its present or potential customers.

Sameera Aziz Ad Agency is also capable to do Direct Advertising with a strategy aimed at reaching consumers without the need for some type of intermediary to establish the connection.  Our direct marketing calls for using various sales and marketing tools to present consumers with the opportunity to do business directly with our client. In order to accomplish this goal, direct advertising can take on several forms.


For Direct Advertising we use the technique of direct mail on the behalf of our client to provide the customer with the opportunity to make the purchase directly, either by going to a web site or replying by postal mail. We make use of direct mail as a means of generating mail orders and eliminating the need to sell products through third parties.


We also use Email advertisements which involve delivering a solicitation to a potential buyer by emailing directly to the consumer. We also provide an opportunity to redirect the client to a web site to learn more about the product, or may go directly to a web page and place an order. We also include a toll-free number to call to place the order or obtain more information about our client’s product or services.

Telemarketing and Voicemail Marketing

Sameera Aziz Ad Agency also uses these marketing strategies to rely on making a direct audio connection with the client’s consumer. For telemarketing, our marketer calls upon consumers and attempt to engage them in dialogue that would result in the placing of an order. We also use the method of Voicemail marketing in which the consumer receives a canned audio message that can be listened to at leisure. Our voice mail approach usually provides a telephone number to call for more information or to place an order.

*Our Television and Radio marketing is also a popular approach to direct marketing. We prepare an infomercial or information commercial that promotes our client’s product line. Throughout the broadcast of the infomercial, we provide the consumer with information on how to contact the corporation and place an order.

*Sameera Aziz Ad Agency is also expert to handle an Indirect advertising by avoiding to simply promote a product, but instead work to establish a relationship with the people that read, hear and see the advertising. Our Indirect advertising explicitly tells potential consumers that they should buy a specific product. We employ by businesses on social media and instead of asking people on Facebook or Twitter to buy specific products, we choose to promote a brand, encourage an action or learn more about an audience. This can help foster goodwill between our client and its potential consumers. Our Indirect Advertising does allow our client to be more authentic and natural with the ways it communicates to potential customers. The success of our indirect advertising is largely measured in goodwill and sentiment — not in sales or visits to a website. When our clients devote resources toward developing indirect advertising techniques, they are often able to establish long-term relationships with customers because there is not as much pressure for potential customers to buy.

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