Pay Per Click PPC, Cost Per Click CPC, Search engine results pages, pop-ups, banner ads, social networking ads and emailing

Sameera Aziz Group makes the custom marketing strategy of Internet or Online advertising for its clients that focuses on using the Internet as a method of generating traffic and targeting potential customers. Our Internet advertising delivers messages to potential customers of our clients and defines the marketplace via distinct strategies. Our designed strategies provide instant promotion and detailed product information without the geographical boundaries associated with traditional forms of advertising.

Our Internet advertising includes search engine results pages, pop-ups, banner ads, social networking ads and emailing. We use PPC as our advertising channel to drive traffic to our client’s website, and ultimately, convert them into customers. We do PPC advertising with Google AdWords that works with search engines and allows businesses to bid on popular keywords their target audience is searching. We do the PPC advertising with social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn that allows our clients businesses to reach their target audience based on specific demographics, interests and more.

We also do CPC for our clients that describe a data point when measuring success of online ads.  We purchase the Internet advertising and pay for our message to reach a specific audience. Every time an ad is clicked, it costs a certain amount of money. Our goal is to have the most efficient and cheapest CPC, which comes with knowledge and optimization. CPC can fluctuate depending on the market and industry, and at SAG, our experts are constantly investigating and adjusting to produce the lowest CPC possible.

We target markets outside of our client’s local communities. The digital marketing landscape is so diversified. We typically design and implement a custom strategy for our clients based on their needs after discussing what the current strategy is and what the goals of the client are. This could be one service or several services going on simultaneously. Please let us know how we can assist your company to take you the next level.

– Affiliate Marketing Programs

– Pay per click (PPC)

_ Cost Per Click (CPC)

– Customer Referral Programs

– Increasing the website’s overall conversion rate

– Google Ad-words and Bing Ads Management

– Local Search Marketing

– Social Network Page Management

– B-to-B Marketing Strategy

– Email Marketing

– Data Management and Magnetization

– Customer Retention and Customer Loyalty Strategies

– Digital Marketing Consulting

– Online Advertising Platform Auditing

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