Photography/Videography/Infographics/Memes/Presentations/Screenshots/ Editing

Under the supervision of the Director/producer/writer Sameera Aziz, we are proficiently capable to communicate clearly to our client’s audience. As professional, we focus on 6 types of Visual Content to use in our Marketing Campaigns – Photography, Videography/ Info-graphics/ Memes/ Presentations/ Screenshots- with proficient editing of well-designed visuals with some great shots.

Our Visual content taps into the visceral psyche of audience, encouraging them to discover more about our client’s brand. We generate high quality visual content and promote it on a regular basis to hit the roof.


We focus our attention to the details of light, shadow, and every shade and hue in between. Of any kind you need us to photograph — an event, location, product, or your own smile — we can set up lighting and scenery. Besides that, we also have our own studio setup. It’s preferable for us to use original images or ones taken by us, as this adds a much-desired personal touch to our client’s campaign. However, with many other available resources, we can also create unique and captivating images for clients.


Video Production is at the heart of how we communicate your story and message. We create videos for brands, customer testimonials, fundraising, and more. We clarify our client’s vision and figure out just the right kind of video he needs. We are proficient brain-stormers, script-writers, and location-scouts. The client entrust us with his idea and we can make it happen. We make good use of videos for presenting common problems and then showing the solutions that our client’s product can offer. A great video serves as extra clout for our marketing campaign by demonstrating that we are prepared to go the extra mile for quality. We consider how-to videos, animated explainer videos, demonstrations or customer testimonials. It’s important for us that the videos are compatible with the overall style and ethos of our client’s brand. We make sure that our video is of the highest caliber, as it can become the chief representation of our client’s brand in the digital realm.


We create and use infographics as an excellent tool for drawing upon all of our complex data and statistics and collating them into a compelling, easily intelligible visual display. Accompanied by diligent promotional endeavors (including networking with key influences, landing page optimization and social media), our infographics can become an integral part of our content marketing strategy.

We are capable to convey large amounts of data and text in a visual way which is popular on social media websites. It is called infographics which are actually those visuals by which readers can absorb much of the information at a glance. Our clients can use it to illustrate the results of a survey or poll, to show sales declines or growths, to compare issues or products and much more. We keep three communication principles in mind: appeal, comprehension and retention. For infographics, we choose an engaging story to tell, we find the supporting data and analyze it, we write an infographic script, we design the first draft with the script as a guide, we get feedback, and develop sharper final drafts. We research the facts, which is the key to create helpful and interesting infographics. Bloggers tend to love a good infographic, so we promote our client’s brand effectively for the circulation throughout the biosphere as well as on social media platforms.


Under the banner of the permanent campaign #SupportSmile branded by Sameera Aziz, we are capable to design Memes image, video, piece of text and verbal expressions. We believe that they play a good role in content marketing, especially if our client’s brand resonates with a younger demographic. The unique benefit of memes is that they allow us to create in-jokes about our client’s industry, which is a great way to make people laugh and build a community around our client’s brand.

For clients, our creative memes can be typically humorous in nature, shock-value and drama; urban myths that tout some kind of life lesson, social commentary, heavier and they may have more philosophical content. We make sure that public takes interest to copy our produced meme and spread rapidly by Internet users as a cultural symbol or social idea. Majority of modern memes are captioned photos that are intended to be funny, often as a way to publicly ridicule human behavior.


We believe that the presentations are not restricted to the boardroom anymore. We can now share our client’s presentation with the world via sites like Slide-share, which can dramatically expand the outreach of our client’s business. A great Slide-share presentation allows us to inform and communicate to our client’s audience, no matter what device they are using.

We plan a presentation as per as the need of our client. We begin by framing our client’s thoughts and notes about the topic with an outline, and then plan the delivery method with client, such as reading from a script or improvising with bullet points. As per as the client’s demand, we can alternatively, write a script that can be delivered during the presentation. We incorporate a balance of facts, details, personal examples and multimedia to keep the audience engaged and further illustrate main points of the presentation.


We believe that screenshots are very useful for backing up the claims we make in our client’s sales content. For example, if you’re marketing an app which can perform certain functions, a screenshot with a caption can be the visual verification our audience needs in order to trust our claims for our client’s service or product. With a screenshot, we provide our client’s audience with a glimpse into the inner workings of his product or service. We show what services and functions our client offers from a direct perspective, and we even like to combine these screenshot with some marketing copy or a testimonial to boost our client’s credibility. It can be hugely beneficial as a trust-building tool. We incorporate screenshots into our client’s infographics and Slide-share presentations, as they can bring forth more meaning to the stats or information we present.


Editing is task where the magic happens. We cut up all that footage or image and make into a memorable story. From short, 15-second commercials to multi-minute narratives, we can craft stunning visual tale. Through editing, we make any adjustments needed to achieve perfection. Once we push the pixels into their final place, we get ready to deliver the highest-quality photos to our client for use in print, on the web, for social media, and beyond.

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