Sameera Aziz Group positions itself as the leading global creative network, highlighting an obsessive focus on “Work, Work and Work.”

The work we provide to clients is specific to their unique needs. Our solutions vary from project-based activity involving one agency for long-term, fully integrated campaigns created by multiple IPG agencies working together. With our partners in different countries, we can operate in a single region, or deliver globally integrated programs.

The role of our company is to provide resources and support to ensure that our agencies can best meet the client’s needs. Based in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and other countries, our group foresee to set company-wide financial objectives and corporate strategy, establishes financial management and operational controls, guides personnel policy, directs collaborative inter-agency programs, conducts investor relations, provides enterprise risk management and oversees mergers and acquisitions. In addition, we aim to provide limited centralized functional services that offer our companies operational efficiency, including accounting and finance, executive compensation management and recruitment assistance, employee benefits, marketing information retrieval and analysis, internal audit, legal services, real estate expertise and travel services.


“Our philosophy is simple, because the world isn’t”

We believe that better science and better art deliver better outcomes to our clients in the media moments that matter most.

We are a creative mass media agency, committed to blurring the lines between media and creativity, data and content, and science and art.

We aim to make the complex simple and the simple complexion. It starts with a deep understanding of people and what matters to them from both a mindset and data-set perspective. Our conversations are anchored in rich intuition and insight. In today’s world, intuition has a powerful partner in data. That’s why we also rigorously interrogate the data-set, leveraging big data to drive deeper insight, predictability and performance. So we create experiences that matter to people and brands. This philosophy guides everything we do for you.


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