The Name is Enough!

Because an experienced media savvy Caleb cum Business Woman -with an additional command on the most powerful medium ‘Entertainment’ including Bollywood Films & Sports- can effectively organised events with a positive goal to shape the world we live in.

Sameera Aziz Events & Entertainment (SAENT) is a Saudi company with In-house Ad Agency and Production House, offering specific services of 3D computer-generated imagery (CGI) animations, along with a full time proficient and dedicated team from around the globe with professional studio setup in Headquarters at Jeddah, KSA. We communicate, collaborate and create under one roof with experts- led by Sameera Aziz, one of the most acclaimed Saudi media person, who is well known not only in Saudi Arabia, but also worldwide among intellectuals. She is a highly educated Saudi woman and recognized for her intellect, professional competence and integrity. Engaging in a business is a great way for her to establish friendships, spread Love and promote peace. Event entertainment can create a peaceful global society through cultural acceptance, mutual understanding and positive relationship building. Mass media (especially entertainment) can be used for advocacy-both for business and social concerns.

Maintaining her experts’ team; Sameera Aziz makes sure to offer professional services and effective Event and entertainment strategies.

Events Strategy


For the work strategy of every kind of special event, Sameera Aziz Entertainment (SAENT) focuses on:

  • Design
  • Planning
  • Management
  • Production

SAENT has been gearing up for upcoming international & revolutionary sort of events. They are purely based on entertainment and serious genre like conference.

  • Cultural Festival & Celebrity football Match (Tentative date 18 May, 2017)
  • Global economic & Sports Conference (Tentative date 1 & 2 July, 2017)

Events Done: Makati Express Event at Hilton Hotel Jeddah, KSA

What we can do for you

If you can imagine it, we can create it. Whether you’re hosting a private party for friends and family, launching a brand, doing seminars, business gathering, entertainment, conference, exhibition, poetic symposium, concert or show, we’ll unroll the red carpet and make it unforgettable.

We bring your vision to life!

Under the umbrella of Sameera Aziz, with the skill set and resources, we bring to every project allows us to make truly original, customized events come alive, or on the go! Everything from slick, sparse presentation spaces to beautiful elegant weddings and galas, to promotional tours and pop-up events, to fantastical wild worlds designed and realized. We are a proud hub of community and entertainment in Saudi Arabia.


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