All Marketing is NOT Advertising, but all Advertising is Marketing!

Playing a primary role, Sameera Aziz Ad Agency works for the creation of an advertising and marketing plan specific to client’s business, product and brand. We work with client’s business objectives, keep within ad budgets, and develop advertising and marketing campaigns to fulfill business needs. We pull all this together to deliver a creative and convincing campaign planned to involve the attention of potential customers, and get them to buy your product or service.

Knowing the fact of distinct concepts and understanding of the difference between Advertising and marketing, Sameera Aziz Ad Agency ensures clients of offering owed attention to each.


Our marketing strategies and preparation make sure get clients’ product and service ready to sell. We effectively identify the target customers for your product. We do a long term forward looking process whereby the client easily determines how he is going to package and brand his product and design it to appeal to the target market he seeks to capitalize on.

Our successful marketing involves significant groundwork in terms of clearly studying our target market. We focus on the needs of your customers to address them. Knowing the fact that the branding and messaging we need to reach different groups vary, to ensure a successful advertising campaign, we ensure client of effectively communicate to these groups.


Sameera Aziz Ad Agency is professionally eligible for the process of actually promoting the product and service to the marketplace. Guaranteeing that the client is effectively getting his product known to his target customers and highlighting the benefits to them is necessary when it comes to driving fruitful sales. Thus when our marketing involves the ground work of branding and researching the needs of our target market, our advertising connects to the process whereby we actually communicate with our target market.

Our Advertising campaigns communicated through various venues, television, radio, or online, for example, and part of our marketing research identify the most effective venues for our target audience. We are also championed terrific online campaign. Social media is our focus for advertising campaign to reach many different users.

Our advertising campaigns also evolve after the launch of our clients’ products and services. Once they are in the market, we get further information about it to refine what our target market is. How to effectively advertise products or services is something that should constantly be re-evaluated by the market research.

Sameera Aziz Ad Agency considers both advertising and marketing important for selling client’s product systematically. Our agency does the market research comprehensively. Conversely, our brilliant advertising campaign targets the market appropriately. Looking at both advertising and marketing and linking the market research to our advertising ensures our work effectively drives the sales of business needs to succeed.

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